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Kelly's Equine Dental Instruments

                                                  My Background

 Kelly's Equine instruments/tools is a unique range of products designed and tested by a certified practitioner in the field of equine dentistry. 

  The business started by chance when I designed or modified equipment that I had been using to improve either comfort (either for myself or the horse) or efficiency and in some cases both. After other practitioners saw how I modified or redesigned my equipment I started getting asked to do so for them. 

  Having either made pieces for other companies or practitioners for a number of years in my spare time, I decided to Patent some of my favourite items and make them available to whom ever is Interested.

   All our pieces an are made in the USA by myself.

  We use only high grade Stainless steel. No cheap materials are used. We are not thinking about what we sell today but about what the Kelly brand means years down the line.  

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