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Our Biothaine suspension halter is made of heavy duty Biothaine with heavy duty top grade stainless steel rings and clips. The biothaine allows for the halter to be washed and disinfected regularly without the halter drying out or cracking like leather. The ring that is swen into the middle of the nose band allows allows for the halter to be attached to your suspension system for incisor correction to be done without having to change from halter to dental ring, making you more efficent in your dental procedure. By attaching to the halter which cradles around the side of the head when suspended it also keeps the head level for an easyier analysis of incisor correction. This halter is also availabe without the nose band ring.  The Shank has a few options that allows the practitioner the chose the best lead that suits the way he/she works.

Suspension Biothane Halter

SKU: SuspensionHalter
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