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Our Halter is made of heavy duty biothane with all buckles, Rings and Snap made from high quality heavy duty stainless steel. The halter does not have the issue of tipping up when the horse moves their head off the center of the head rest which results in the practissioner having to constantly re-adjust the halter and position of the horse on the head rest so it sits correctly.

The chin strap has a snap hook for quick on/off fitting without having to undo the head strap. 

 The head rest has a soft cusion that is coated in rubber for easy cleaning. This head rest can be easly removed from the halter and replaced with a new one as the rest will wear over time where as the halter itself has a long life span. When you return your old head rest you will get a discount on the new replacment head rest. 

This halter doesnt absorb water and remains soft in cold conditions. It can be cleaned and disinfected without risk of cracking

Kelly Dental Halter

SKU: DentalHalter
  • Pieces may not be shipped until the weekend of purchase

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