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Weighing in at just over half a pound without the battery, this light is not just light weight but slimline and still has all the features of our previous headlight.
Features Include:
•1000 lumin white light to give accurate tissue coloration
• Special lens which disperses the light at a wider angle to give FULL even flow of light throughout the mouth 
• 2 pivot points for the light source to allow the practitioner to set the focus of the light at their preferred angle
• simple on/off toggle switch
• Rotary Dimmer to set preferred  light  intensity up to 1000 lumin
• 3400 MAH Battery with led power supply Indicator. (Most lights come with 2400 MAH power capacity)
• Patented Battery holder which allows the battery to sit in a manner that the weight doesn’t cause the head light to move around when the practitioner is working in hot conditions. The patented batter holder makes the weight of the battery almost unnoticeable making the light feel almost like a hat
* Soft Breathable material in the inner section of the head band for comfort with a hard wearing leather outer cover than can easily wiped clean. 
* The back section of the head band has a soft rubber that sits comfortably under the back of the head with a rotary adjustment knob.

Kelly Head Light

SKU: KellyLight
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