This HEADLIGHT SET has a number of features that address issues I found with some lights as well as making the light designed more for the practicioner it was intended for, the features include

> Locking ratchet head band adjustment system.

> PATENT PENDING Battery holder. This distributes the weight of the battery in a manner that allows the light to be completely balanced and stops it moving or shifting when the practicioner tilts their head or sweating.

> The battery has a 3400 Mah power capacity (Average batteries 2600) 

> Power Indicator level on side of battery

> Rotary dimmer for practitioner to set their own perfered light intencity  

> Heavy Duty Toggle ON/Of switch

> Long light housing armiture giving adiquite room for safty glass adjustment to help prevent fogging up of glasses

> 3 piviot point adjustment screws to set light beam to suit the practisioner's  own peference, this has the light shining in the correct spot every time without repeated adjustment.

> Lens that reflects the light out at an even flow opposed to a strong center light. This also illuminates the front of the mouth the same as the back evenly 

> Up to 1000 Lumin Clear WHITE light with no tinting giving accurite tissue coloration

> Winter beanie to help keep warm in colder conditions

> Back up light (for that day you leave your battery chargimng at home) 

> Dipped in a rubber coating that makes it water and dust resistant 

  This is a LIGHT SET designed to give you every thing you need your light to do on a daily bases as well as have you covered with a back up when things go agenst you. 

Kelly Head Light Set

SKU: KellyLight
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