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This is made from solid brass. It was made to cover a number of finer details when used. The hand piece had a quick release to allow for quick change from a drencher to a diastema/perio pocket jet cleaner. The drencher is fitted with a plastic like sleeve at the end. This is to help avoid the possibility of a horse cracking a tooth if they happen to bite down on the drencher (if used without the speculum on) as it softer material opposed to the brass. The jet system has a dome shape for the nipple to avoid irritation of the tissue if the horse is very tongue active and may push the nipple into the gums. The hose is a non kink, soft and very compact. The hose expands when the water is turned on and retracts to its origins lengths when the hose is empty. For example a 25FT hose is only 9FT when being stored and because the hose is very ply able it packs away very neatly. The hose is available in 25, 50 and 75ft lengths. (when water is on) The hose is fitted with a “Y” fitting at the fosses end. This is to allow you to use your drencher while still leaving access to the  fosset for other people and not interrupting the daily routine running of the barn. Please note we DO NOT give warranty to the hose. We feel the hose is the best for the job entailed but horses standing on it with shoes ECT can lead to leaks. It is in the practitioners interest to place the hose in the safest route from Foset to stall. 

Kelly irrigation system

SKU: Kelly Irregation sys
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