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This Bucket was designed to help with issues when working in cold conditions. It prevents instrements from freezing up as well as giving the practisioner relief when cleaning instrements by placing hands in the warm water.

  The bucket heats the water up to a desired temperature and keeps the water within 5 degress of that temperture throughout the day. It is fitted with a GFI circuit breaker for safty.

 It has a solid stainless steel bucket buddy fitting that fits snuggly in the bucket and slips out easly. It also has a stainless steel brush holder that secures to the side of the bucket stopping the user from having to chase the brush around. The Holder adjusts to take a wide range of brushes that are available at your local hardwear store so you dont have to buy a special brush.

  The thermostat can be changed to what ever temperture the user wishes in the event that they may want the bucket for another use BUT TAMPERING WITH THE THERMOSTAT FOR DENTAL APPLICATIONS IS NOT ADVISED.

 Both the Thermostat and element can both be purchased at your local hardwear store so there is no need for you to ever have to send this bucket back for repair.

 The bucket has a peferated base which is just above the element, this prevents the user from touching the hot element as well as equipment hitting the element. This is the only piece which is made from plastic because it dampens the sound from equipment being dropped into the bucket where as metal would be noiser. It also prevents the water level going below the element when a drencher is being used as well as dirt from the bottom of the bucket getting sucked up in the drencher.


Kelly Regulated Heated Bucket

SKU: RegulatedBucket
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