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The Kelly Speculume was designed for but not confined to practicioners  that perfer the suspension system while working on their horses. The design has a number of features that make the procedure more comfortable for the horse and so results in less resistance threfore making the process more efficent and relaxed for all involved.
  The features are:
Extension plate
 which has a second strap that supports the horse at the mandable as well as the front bite plates which prevents hyper extention at the poll when suspended.
Plastic wedge inserts . 
These inserts are angled in a way that allows the entire table of the incisors to rest on the wedge opposted to just maybe the 01s. The Inserts also act as a vibration dampener and because the horses natural reaction to bite down when worked on, it causes the horse to be drawn into the front of the spec opposed to sliding back on the plates. This action causes the incisors to be cupped by the curviture of the front of the spec restricting the ability of the horse to chew while the spec is open. This can reduce TMJ sencitivity post work from agressive chewing while being worked on. 
Rubber coated Handle 
 To help agenst the cold handle during winter conditions.
The Straps 
 are made from high quality biothane that doesnt crack or absorb water and remain soft to handle even in colder contitions. The buckles are heavy duty stainless steal so no pin bending. The nose strap has a stainless steel ring sewn into the center so the horse can be suspended straight onto the spec and so keeps the head symetrical at all times, this also removes the need for a dental halter.
 So in all the spec offers:

 * Two support points that prevents hyper extension at the poll when suspended 
 * Reduces Vibration and gives a more comfortable platform for the incisors to rest on which results in less resistance and head-shaking
* Restricts the ability of the horse to chew while the spec is open there fore helping to prevent TMJ sencitivity
* More desirable posture during dental procedures 
* Reduces chances of Post procedure Problems

Kelly Speculum.

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