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These straps are made from heavy duty biothaine that stays soft to the touch in cold conditions.  This Set is designed for speculums that havde a ridget frame like a conrad, meister ect. the nose strap has a ring fixed to the center to attach the suspendsion system to which elimanates the need for a dental halter, it also keeps the speculum symetrical during dental exams. It doesnt crack from being washed or dipped in water, Can be disinfected and cleaned without absorbing water there fore less risk of carring infection or desiese from barn to barn. The buckels are heavy duty stainless steel so no pin bending are rusting. The straps are longer than the normal on the market with holes along the majority of the strap. This ensures that they will fit any horse you may come accross from a Mini to a Belgian without having to alter or made fit.

Suspension Speculum Straps

SKU: Suspensionstraps
  • Straps may not be shipped until weekend of purchase

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